For Mobile Services: To travel to you we require a minimum of 3 people to use our services or we request that you travel to our location in Ajax.

Travel Fees: Free within the GTA. A mileage meter of .54/mile will start running once we hit outside of the GTA.

To secure your wedding date: we require a paid trial - whether it be a combo, just makeup or hair. We highly encourage having a trial prior to your wedding day, as this also requires less getting ready time and guessing on your wedding day which can be stressful. We also require a signed contract sent via email. Also a $100 non refundable deposit.

Trials: All trials include 1.5-3hrs of trying to different looks, changes, going back and forth with consultation and decision making. Together we write down the decisions made, you will be given a copy. HD photos of each look and changes are taken and given to you within the week to be able to determine the final look & any additional changes. Trial includes airbrush, to decide if it is something you would like to add onto your wedding day. Lashes are also included and you get to change and decide the different kinds during the trial.

Personal Wedding Makeup Artist/Hair touch ups (5hrs stay): The 5 hr timer starts once everyone is done their morning makeup &/or hair services. The artist will follow the bride in the limo or ride in whichever vehicle for 5hrs to make sure that he/she is always with the bride, to avoid being stuck in traffic or getting stuck at a different location. The bridal party is also able to use the makeup &/or hair touch up services.

-- Last update July 2016


Services (Once contacted you will be given all the prices)

  • Bridal Combo(Hair and Makeup) Trail
  • Bridal Makeup Trial
  • Bridal Hair Trial
  • Bridal Attendee Combo Trial
  • Bridal Attendee Makeup Trial
  • Bridal Attendee Hair Trial
  • Wedding Day Bridal Combo(Hair and Makeup)
  • Wedding Day Bridal Hair alone
  • Wedding Day Bridal Makeup alone
  • Wedding Day Bridal Deal: If you have 8 or more people in your wedding party requiring both hair and makeup, then airbrush is free & your deposit will be deducted from your total wedding day prices, and your wedding day bridal combo price is -$15 original price.
  • Bridal Attendee Combo(Hair&Makeup) Price
  • Bridal Attendee Hair alone
  • Bridal Attendee Makeup alone
  • Airbrush Foundation & concealer
  • Airbrush Tattoo/chest/back body coverage
  • Airbrush Full face (includes highlight, contouring and blush)

Individual Lashes: This is if you don’t like mink or synthetic lash bands. This takes longer, we individually glue each lash to achieve a more natural look. Please add an additional 15min to the bride's getting ready time in the morning of her wedding.